What service you should expect from office cleaning in central London

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What service you should expect from office cleaning in central London

Your cleaning specification and checklist are tailored to the exact requirements of your business. Additionally, we are working with you to create a list of daily, weekly, and regular tasks. These are some of the most common areas that are cleaned as part of our cleaning service in London office.

office cleaning in central London

  • Vacuum carpets, dust, mop hard floors
  • Clean desks, chairs and office equipment
  • Empty waste bins and liners
  • Clean doors and handles
  • Polish skirts and ledges (weekly)
  • Clean kitchens
  • Run dishwasher or wash crockery
  • Clean appliances externally
  • Cleaning of out – of-date food (weekly)
  • Cleaning of appliances (weekly)
  • Clean washrooms, showers & toilets

Why choose us for London Office Cleaning?

Our employees are trained, provided with the best tools for the work, and are closely monitored to keep their standards high through regular site audits.


It ensures you’re the same cleaner regular, and that you have the exclusive point of contact for all your service requests with your dedicated account manager.


All our products are biodegradable, non-phosphate, 100% ZERO WASTE.


Our cleaning staff is the best from the rest. Friendly, well-educated and delivered.


In order to ensure a smooth change from your existing contract, we strictly comply with regulations.


The KleanTeam knows the importance of the identity and appearance of your business. Our certified industrial and office cleaners London claim that they can regularly provide you with the highest level of cleaning.

We build and provide a customized, long-time cleaning service. The KleanTeam uses a superior workplace management system that ensures the continuity of cleaning efficiency and customer service. Our cleaning agents are reliable and well-oriented. Everyone is also fully trained in health and safety.

We are committed to safety and health. In order to ensure that all the safety and health protocols are kept up to date, we have professionally trained and qualified NEBOSH staff in the business.


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