COVID-19 Coronavirus Information


Our priority is the health and safety of our staff and customers. We are currently following the government guidelines in place with regard to travel and our staff. As you are aware, the situation remains changeable. We continue to monitor the situation closely.

We would like to reassure all of our clients that we are more than happy to cooperate with them on site hygiene protocols and provide advice where we can. We will also alert our clients to any measures we need to take during this very unusual period that we find ourselves in.

These are the government guideline information regarding someone having Covid-19 in an office. This is the summary below:

• if an area can be kept closed and secure for 72 hours, wait until this time has passed for cleaning as the amount of virus living on surfaces will have reduced significantly by 72 hours
• When cleaning The KleanTeam will wear disposable gloves and aprons for cleaning. After cleaning these are double bagged, then stored securely for 72 hours then thrown away in the regular rubbish after cleaning is finished
• The KleanTeam cleaning procedure start with using a disposable cloth and cleaning any hard surfaces with warm soapy water. Then disinfect these surfaces with the anti bacterial cleaning solution (we currently use an anti bacterial cleaner which also kills H1N1 and we started using this in 2009 which (HS Sanitiser..we started using this solution when there was a swine flu global outbreak in 2009)
• Pay particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as bathrooms, grab-rails in corridors and stairwells and door handles
• if an area has been heavily contaminated, such as with visible bodily fluids, from a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), The KleanTeam uses protection for the eyes, mouth and nose as well as gloves and an apron

Please note this is a ‘specialist deep clean’ and there is an additional separate charge for this.