171% of office workers believe their dirty workspace is making them ill
282% of us feel we would work harder in a cleaner office
3An astonishing 71% of us think that bad desk hygiene can cause us to take more sickies
4A KleanTeam regular office clean can help ensure such fears are not a factor in work absence
5Offices are dirty places! Studies have shown that 60% of work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office. Ecoli and Staphylococcus bacteria are common in today’s workplace.
6There are 445 times more bacteria on your office workstation than on a toilet seat - yet a whopping 87% of office workers eat their lunch at their desk!
7Only 22% of office workers wash their hands before preparing or consuming food at the office.
859% think you are most likely to catch contagious diseases, like E-coli, at hospitals, compared to just 6% who think that you are more likely to catch them at the office - actually the reverse is true! You are more likely to get mild gastroenteritis from poor hygiene at desk, work or home.
9A clean office has less allergies, flu and disease risk, because it is free from contamination and dust.
10KleanTeam carry out IT cleaning and desk hygiene procedures that can reduce bacteria by 99.9%