Nitin Patel

Can Commercial Cleans in London really charge only £9 an hour? Does it work? Yes, sure it will, they win the business on price and everybody is happy. But are they? As a client, what can you really expect in business cleaning for £9 per hour? £7.20 min wage, Holiday Pay, NI & Cleaning products Capital purchases, vacuum cleaners, training, supervisor visits, uniforms, personal protection equipment, an everyday cost associated with running a business and Oh yes, of course not forgetting profit. Now ask yourself, how will anyone charge £8.00 per hour and offer a reliable, safe, quality cleaning service?

It’s impossible!!!

So how and why does Office Cleaning Companies in London do it? Well put simply Commercial Cleans in London are using the upfront value as a loss leader – it’s a bit like your native supermarket giving you two cans of beans for the worth of one. They lose money on the cans of beans; however, they hope that once you are there they’re going to be able to sell you alternative things. If, there is nothing they can upsell – so what do they do?


In our experienced Office Cleaners in London begin to cut back the several hours spent over a time. You start out with 20 hours per week that is costing you £180 per week. To leave 15 minutes earlier every day you are getting 18 hours 45 minutes per week but are still paying £180 per week. A few weeks later – leave a little earlier – before you recognize it you’re not obtaining 20 hours per week; however you’re now only getting 12 hours per week however, you’re still paying the same price. Service will be deteriorating rapidly as the job really did need those 20 hours and 12 just don’t cut it. It’s important to use skilled Commercial Cleaners London just like The KleanTeam Ltd who doesn’t cut corners.

By all means, especially in the current economic climate, businesses should search around for Commercial Cleaners London that provides a competitive price, however that price needs to be realistic and it needs to be on the standard of service they need and want to receive. If something appears too good to be true, then it probably is


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