Why it is important to hire best school cleaning companies in London for Students and Teachers

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Why it is important to hire best school cleaning companies in London for Students and Teachers

Educational facilities can be especially demanding clean environments, with hundreds of students and staff using the premises daily. Classrooms can be messy areas, as students pursue the more creative side of education, and hygiene issues are of paramount importance, because disease can spread quickly and easily. Having the school properly clean helps to reduce the absence of both students and staff and thus provides a better learning experience and a better working atmosphere.

At TheKleanTeam, we agree that security is of the utmost importance in school settings, so that all staff are tested and wearing uniforms so that they can be easily identified. Rigorous group management and performance auditing allow us to meet the high standards required in all premises.

A thorough routine cleaning of the W.C. Areas, basins and hard floors can help minimize the spread of germs between students. In addition, our service includes the sanitization of phones, door handles and computer keyboards inside staff areas to help avoid the absence of workers.

We also provide a cleaning service for outdoor activities such as school sports competitions and indoor after-school events such as award evenings.

School Cleaning Companies in London

School Cleaning Services As a highly experienced school cleaning company, we know that a clean environment is one of the keys to productive learning, and our school cleaning team is able to deliver a personalized, cost-effective program to meet your needs. With our DBS-controlled and NVQ-trained staff, you can be assured that your cleaning services are in safe hands. All of our school cleaning sites have skilled and trained site managers who are adaptable and able to meet the needs of the premises on a daily basis.

Such supervisors will carry out our routine audits and, in addition to this, our contract managers will visit our school sites on a weekly basis to conduct comprehensive inspections through our online system to ensure that our high standards are upheld. All our sites use U Clock device clocking so that we can provide our clients with monthly reports of the hours they are receiving. We’re holding a monthly summary meeting at all our school sites where KPI reports are presented and a walk around with school representatives. One of the key elements of our school cleaning service is our regular deep cleaning, which is performed during school holidays and is supported by our highly trained floor maintenance team. We are also able to provide schools with a full range of consumables for cleaning.


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