Fed up with your Commercial cleans in London? Hire The KleanTeam!

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Fed up with your Commercial cleans in London? Hire The KleanTeam!

Much of our customers turn to TheKleanTeam because they must fix unsatisfactory offices. You realize that time is money and that it takes so much time to deal with repetitive problems.

We collaborate closely with our London cleaning office customers to create customized cleaning inspection lists and conduct detailed checks regularly. We trust our cleaning workers to be regularly trained and the discussion about what works and what does not work. This allows them to concentrate on cleaning and to make sure daily checklists are conducted and save you time and money.

We work with more than 100 London offices. Our varied customer base involves offices requiring 3 hours of cleaning a week to large multi-floor offices requiring more than 30 hours of cleaning a week.

Commercial cleans in London

Have you fed up your cleaner office?

Office cleaning firms are not rare. A quick search for Google returns more than 1000 businesses.

We frequently have contact with the office managers and the expectations that they earn are less than met by three out of five office managers, with whom we have spoken in the last 30 days.

The top five challenges they face are:

  • The cleaners do not arrive each day at the same time
  • the office cleaners are always late
  • nobody does the job properly
  • they always overlook the same mistake.
  • Language barrier while speaking to the client

What is the cleaning service for your office?

The cleaning checklist is personalized to your specifications. We work closely with you and your team so that all your demands are fulfilled, and your service is compliant. We recognize that there may be adjustments from time to time and we will review your service on a quarterly basis.


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