School cleaning companies London

You are not only responsible for the education of your students when you are running a school— you are also responsible for their safety. A key part in the process is shielding students from dangerous bacteria and viruses. the school cleaning services. No matter what school you run, THEKLEANTEAM offers solutions for cleaning the premises to keep you clean and healthy.

We are College Specialists for Cleaning. You need a team that will recognize the unique cleaning criteria of your school to achieve a higher degree of cleanliness for your school. The cleaning services of your school will be led by an owner-operator from THEKLEANTEAM who is trained in the top school cleaning processes and techniques of today. THEKLEANTEAM’s school cleaning services will keep your classrooms tidy, hygiene hallways clean and protect your students irrespective of your level of education, high-school, college, university or business school.

We maintain healthy classrooms. The specific system EnviroShield ® is used by THEKLEANTEAM cleansers to protect students from bacteria and viruses, including MRSA and H1N1. A non-toxic, non-irritating device removes 99.99% of germs, including common areas for germs to be transported, such as door handles and computer keyboards.

School cleaning companies London 

The toilets we clean. In any school, bathrooms are the number one germ area, so THEKLEANTEAM cleaners put special attention on the cleaning of bathrooms. We combine high-coverage wall-to-wall cleaning methods with tailored cleaning techniques that remove germs in high-risk regions.

We are specialists in floor washing. Any flooring you have in your classroom, the materials, equipment and expertise you need to keep them clean in your local THEKLEANTEAM.

Air Fresher & Healthier are available to us. The vacuums have silent-cleaning technology, which makes work easier for students. It also contains HEPA filters that enhance the school’s air quality.

Green Cleaning is what we believe. The local THEKLEANTEAM works hard to protect you, by goods and approaches that reduce our school cleaning services ‘ eco-footprint.

We hold ratings A+. Our school cleaning services can allow you to comply with the OSHA-designated regulations and standards.

We are operating professionally and securely. We promote the recognition of our employees with full uniforms, including prominent names any time we are on-site.

Our programs are assured. Our service guarantee, promising to you full satisfaction, covers each cleaning THEKLEANTEAM. If you have a service problem, just let us know, and in one business day, we will correct the problem.


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You are not only responsible for the education of your students when you are running a school— you are also responsible for their safety. A key […]

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