Best & Most Professional Commercial cleaners central London

What to Rely on Professional Cleaning Companies in London?

Best & Most Professional Commercial cleaners central London

The KleanTeam is one of London’s most skilled cleaning companies and has a qualified mobile specialist team for the cleaning and maintenance of common fields and components. The facilities we provide include entry, hallway, bathrooms, elevators, stairs, outside regions, and clean kitchens.



All the common part cleaning services that we offer can take place 5 – 7 days a week, weekly, quarterly and monthly and every visit is guaranteed to provide the best possible cleaning services.

We like to keep common parts spick and span.

Commercial cleaners central London

Front façades

Whether your front façades are marble or stonework, or your door is taped, we can clean them to the highest level. We supply the following:-

  • Deep cleaning of the tapestry.
  • Buffing all surfaces of difficult floor.
  • Doors and door frames are polished.
  • Light fittings cleaning.
  • Cleaning façades of the door.


In your offices, we provide a cleaning service as follows:

  • Dusting and polishing of all skirting boards in prevalent fields.
  • Frames of windows and sills of windows.
  • Doors and frames of doors.
  • Light and light switches.
  • Hard floors for mopping and polishing (buffing).
  • Tapestry vacuuming regions.
  • Modification of bulbs as necessary.


It is well known that in an office region the toilets require very high maintenance because of heavy use, so we guarantee that the toilets are spotless after cleaning. We offer a skilled bathroom cleaning service as follows:-

  • Toilet substitute paper.
  • Replacement hand towel
  • Seat toilet sanitation.
  • Cleaning of the hand dryer
  • Floors to disinfect and polish
  • Air Refrigerators.



Lifts and especially the floor selector in any construction that includes 40 times more pollution and germs than a public toilet. This is why it is essential to clean the lifts regularly in the construction, so the cleaning services for the elevator are as follows:


  • Lifts and stainless steel elevator doors for cleaning and polishing
  • Disinfect buttons for the lift
  • Handrails cleaning
  • Light fittings cleaning



The cleaning service for the stairs we provide is:-

  • Carpet cleaning of stairs.


  • Cleaning all skirting boards on the stairs


  • Cleaning Window Frames near stairs.


  • Light Fixtures and Switches at height near stairs.


  • Changing Light Bulbs over stairs.


External Areas

For all external fields, we can provide cleaning. This ensures that your visitors get a nice feeling and promotes a hygienic and healthy environment. The cleaning services we offer are:-

Window Cleaning.


  • Car park sweeping and mopping if needed.


  • High Pressure floor cleaning for perfect floor cleaning.


  • Bin area maintenance and changing bags.



Kitchen Cleans

The kitchen area is another high-end maintenance area owing to frequent personnel use and owing to the continuous preparing of food, spill and dirty dishes it is rapidly unhygienic and unhygienic. TheKleanTeam would provide thorough cleaning to guarantee good hygiene and the cleaning of all surfaces.

The cleaning services for kitchens that we provide are as follows :-


  • Empty bins in the Kitchen


  • Sweep and mop as and when possible


  • Wipe down surfaces and work tops at its best


  • Clean sink and draining board on daily basis


  • Microwave and oven cleaning in the interior side


  • Dishwasher cleaning from inside


  • Cleaning all the crockeries


Let me know if you have any queries and book us online as and when needed.


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