Do you understand why it is important for a clean workplace in 2020 and how office cleaners in London? We shared some ideas on the topic last week. Today, however, we will concentrate on sharing a little more understanding and justifying the significance of meeting client and brand norms.

We live in a globe where retail brands move to internet platforms from physical locations. Many modern retail brands, however, are no longer just a place for customers to purchase stuff, they are becoming a hub for experiences. In their attempt to turn clients over, retail shops are becoming additional high-tech and savvy.

Office cleaners in London

If clients are pleased with their shop experience, they will be pleased to leave, share their views, and probably return in the future. But what if for some customers this is not the case?

A latest research discovered that if there was bad cleanliness and hygiene, 98 percent of clients would not return to a company. Around a thousand individuals engaged in this study who found cleanliness would negatively impact their retail store perception and experience.

The research also discovered that unclean toilets and unpleasant odours scored greater than customer service as the primary factors to prevent clients coming back to the shop; followed by dirty floors, stains, unclean surfaces, dirty mirrors and windows.

Another research discovered surprisingly that if it looked dirty from the outside, 51 percent of the respondents would totally avoid a retail store!

What are your retail companies supposed to do?

To enhance customer experience, distributors need to recognize and acknowledge the importance of cleanliness and should consider doing one of the following things: working with a quality cleaning service that knows your brand values and operational goals.


Actively monitor complaints and comments regarding the cleanliness

Systematically review the outcomes and work with the cleaning supplier to discuss and further create strategies for improving any areas of interest. The punchline is as follows: By offering a clean, fresh and well-organized shop that meets the expectations of clients, businesses can simply and elegantly enhance their reputation and bottom line. To fulfil these requirements, distributors may consider outsourcing their cleaning arrangements to guarantee that they are carried out professionally to the greatest possible norms.

Benefits of outsourcing:

1) Cleaning is the responsibility of the cleaning services and not of the staff.

2) Enhanced methods and techniques can be introduced by cleaning experts to save resources and decrease energy use.

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I too busy managing the company’s daily duties? Because of bad cleanliness, do I risk losing clients? If the response to these two issues is ‘ Yes, ‘ then a straightforward guideline has been published to help you choose the best choice for your business.


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Do you understand why it is important for a clean workplace in 2020 and how office cleaners in London? We shared some ideas on the topic […]

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